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Picture book writer, Playwright, Drama director

Representative of “Precious Little Lives Lost in Disasters”

Representative of “Wow-meow” - pet search and rescue team in time of disaster

Representative of Theatrical company “Gekidan Sol. Flower of Stars”


Born in Aichi prefecture

Living in Chiba prefecture


When I look back at my life, I have always been drawing. Even now as an actor, poet, playwright, drama director and so on, I’m still drawing.

1991Set up a theatrical company “Mikan-sui”

Wrote scenarios and directed dramas while performing as an actor in films and on stage.


My first picture book “Hitoyasuim”(“Take a Breather”) won a picture book contest grand prize. That is why I started drawing picture books.


Participated in “Bologna Children’s Book Fair” in Italy. After this, I kept taking an active part in picture book publishing and art, mainly abroad.


The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011 causing a huge tsunami and along with people also many animals were died. I learned that among these animals were many who would certainly have been saved if they had been human. That made me decide to hold a charity exhibition called “Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake” in order to persuade people to consider the lives of animals to be equal to that of humans. The exhibition was held in across Japan as well as abroad.


“I Became the Sea” (Kumon Publishing) was published. This picture book is based on one particular true story I learned about through my exhibition “Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake.”


The Kumamoto Earthquake occurred. I set up the pet rescue team “ Wow- meow” to save animals. Since then, we don’t only act when disaster strikes, we also help care for and rehome animals, and provide protection in times of need.


I set up the theatrical company “Gekidan Sol. Flower of Stars” with the same

objective of considering all lives (human and animal) as equal. My roles within the company were playwright, director and also actor. I wrote both the words and the music for the song “Song of Life” performed in the drama.

I am continuing to hold my charity exhibition “Precious Lives Lost in

Disasters” in various places throughout the world. I am also actively public speaking about my cause of animal and human equality in regards to evacuating pets along with their human owners when disasters occur. 

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【うさ公式ホームページ】 創作家 「災害で消えた小さな命展」主催。 「災害時ペット捜索・救助チームうーにゃん」、「劇団Sol.星の花」代表。 この3つの活動を通して、命の大切さや思いやる気持ちを伝えていきます。


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