"The Frags in Canopus"

A frog looked up the moon. It was the last day of this year that the frog looked the yellow half moon floating in the sky. 

He was going to hole up for some time. 

He shook his big black eyes, and the moon shook, too. 

The yellow half moon continued to swinging in his eyes all the time. 

He suddenly remembered that he looked the moon there with his sister last year. 

(How is she now?)

 He stopped moving his eyes, and looked up the moon once again.

 He turned his thoughts toward his father, mother and sister in Canopus, a long way from where he was. 

(Where am I, when I open my eyes next?) 

 The yellow half moon lighted up the frog’s reddish and bumpy back. 

The pale yellow sky like a hourglass dissolved into the gray night. 

Stars soon twinkled. Morning air turned a thick mist, and wetted the body of the frog.

He slowly looked ahead, then he disappeared into a grassland quietly.

 (See you again.) 

The dawn dew damped the empty grassland. 

The sky started to breathe. 


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