"When the cherry blossoms drop"

The girl was sitting on a bench as always that day. 

There was a tall cherry tree beside the bench. 

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom with sweet smell.

However, the girl didn’t care about pink blossoms and pleasant smell then. 

She had a lot on her mind about her mother who had been in the hospital since the day before.

 "Will mom get better? Will she come home? Will she make me a tasty stew? 

And will she really hug me again?" 

Her tiny heart ached for the worry. 

"He’s late, isn’t he?" 

Suddenly she heard the voice. 

Turning her side, she found a boy sitting next to her. 

He had an amazingly fair skin, and his deep green eyes seemed to extinguish everything. 

His light brown hair was waving in the spring breeze. 

"You’re waiting for your dad, aren’t you?"

the boy asked her again. 

"…Why do you know?" 

"You also waited for him yesterday." 

He smiled. 

"I found you from that window." 

The girl looked in the direction he faced. 

There was a window with the tightly closed curtain. 

"I’ve been here."

he said flatly. 

"He’s coming." 

As she turned around, she saw her father waving hand in the distance. 

Jumping down from the bench, she ran to him. 

She looked back, holding hands with her father. 

The boy smiled at her, sitting alone on the bench. 

She sat on the bench and waited for her father the next day. 

Then the boy came to her again. 

Not knowing what to say, she looked down for a while. 

But she talked to him at last.

"How long have you been in the hospital?"

 "Since about two years ago." 

She was surprised. 

"What’s wrong with you?" 

"I have a little problem here." 

He put a hand to his left chest. 

"Sometimes here doesn’t connect with my body well." 

He smiled kindly. 

She has no word to say, so she looked down again. 

"…but I can leave here soon." 

She looked at his face. 

"when these cherry blossoms begin to drop." 

His eyes became deeper green, and the spring breeze kissed his hair. 

The boy also came to the girl the next day and two days later. 

She began to talk about her mother little by little. 

He listened to her silently. In the evening six days later, the boy sat on the bench ahead of her when she came there. 



She sat down next to him, wondering. 

"I have something to tell you today." 

His face looked more red than usual. 

"Do you know there is the universe at the back of eyes?" 

She stared at him with a blank look. 

"When I close my eyes, there’s my universe." 

She stared him for a while and she closed her eyes as he said. 

However, it was dark and she saw nothing. 

"I feel as if I could go there someday."

She thought he a strange idea. 

Suddenly he spoke with his eyes bright.

"Maybe I can show you my universe!" 

He turned to her and stared at her.

He reflected her figure in his eyes and closed his eyes.

At the moment, a strange view unfolded before her eyes. 

Some of the mass of sapphire circle floated in the dark ultramarine. 

The boy gladly stood next to the girl.


He said so and held her hand gently. 

Holding hands with him, she followed him quietly. 

"I feel as though we strolled in the universe."

she mumbled. 

They walked and walked in the dark ultramarine without a word. 

He suddenly stopped shortly after. 

"What’s that red shining thing?" 

She looked in the direction he watched. 

However, she couldn’t find the red shining thing he said. 

"…Your mom is all right." 


She looked at him. 

"Let’s go there!" 

He tugged at her hand. 

At the moment, his hand tore away from her hand. 

The girl sat on the bench as always. 

The boy who was with her a short while ago disappeared. 

She stood up as if the spell had been broken. 

She looked up the window. 

The curtain was closed tightly. 

Then, Father called her in the distance. 

She was surprised, when she turned to him. Mother was waving her hand next to the father. 


She ran to Mother. 

The cherry blossom dropped.  


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