"The 24th Moon"

The light of a big full moon poured into the trees covered with snow and ice like pollen, and soon began to shine as fireflies. 

Swans usually played with jewels of snow, but that night they were quietly waiting for dawn.

When the moon came to the middle of the sky and the difference between moonlight and light of snow became unclear, lots of grains of light were seen coming up.

The grains of light moved around in the snow.

When they moved around the field sufficiently, they came out of snow. 

They were hundreds of moles. 

They turned on the moon.

They stared at the moon with moist eyes for a long time. 

Moles’ pink shadow turned to longer and pale violet. 

Then they heard someone’s faint singing voice. 

As the voice got louder and louder, many rabbits came down dancing in two rows from the moon. 

Coming down to the ground one after another, the rabbits bounded to the moles.

They held hands with them and started to dance. 

Lots of rest moles surrounded the moles dancing with the rabbits. 

The long night started. 

It was the longest night for moles in a year. 

The big full moon changed into the golden mirror and reflected them all over the sky. 

Snow changed into cold white flame and watch the long night. 

The moles kept dance hearing the sound of wind and feeling the beat of earth.

Time went on. In course of time the red star began to shine in the ultramarine and light purple sky. 

The rabbits stopped dancing, and looked up to the moon holding moles’ hands. 

They started to walk toward the moon. 

The rest moles watched the rabbits and moles heading toward the moon. 

Their figure became smaller and smaller. 

The small mole at the tail of the row looked back with a tear in its eye. 

A teardrop was blown by the wind and became the second star. 

The moles disappeared and the usual morning came.

 In that season, mountains and grounds was folded in white mist as if they were born at the very moment. 

This is the story that I heard from the 24th moon at 1:00 a.m.  


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