"The bike and the music box"

A bike dreamed as always. 

He passed through the grass, as the April wind blew softly. 

A boy, who was six years old, was riding a bike. 

The bike liked him very much. If the boy rode the bike, they could go wherever they wanted. 

The bike opened his eyes. 

The stars were shining in the sky. 

He could not tell whether he still dreamed or not. 

He smiled a bit and closed his eyes again, leaning on a telephone pole. 

After a while, something bumped against the bike. 

The bike opened his eyes, and found a big black bag, and then he heard Christmas carol from it. 

The bike wondered and got at it. 


Suddenly, a voice came out of the bag. 

The bike was really surprised and squeaked. 

"Watch your step!" 

shouted the voice. 


apologized the bike in an instant, but he thought it was not due to him. 

"I have never heard your voice. Who are you?"

 asked the voice in the bag. 

"I’m…..I’m a bike." 

answered the bike timidly. 

"Huh, bike…. Bike goes flying along, doesn’t it? Uh-huh." 

The voice said something for a while. 

"Who are you, then?" 

asked the bike, too.

 "Who am I? I am a music box." 

The bag looked to have bulged. 

"But I’m not an ordinary music box with an unfashionable screw. I am the newest one. 

All you have to do is touch me, then I play Christmas carol. 

You heard that a little while ago, didn’t you?"

 The big black bag bulged bigger and bigger.

 "My body is like a crystal ball. White snow flutters in my body along the melody….brilliantly! 

The white snow looks like the star, a dog and a cat run around in my body. 

It’s a pity you can’t see it. I’m always the center of attention at Christmas.

Everyone likes me!" 

The music box told endlessly. 

He spoke so long that the bike felt sodden, and he remembered the boy he met 8 years ago. 

 "……but it’s already the past. Everyone wouldn’t look at me anymore." 

The music box, which spoke cheerfully, suddenly looked weaker. 

The big black bag seemed to shrink.

 "Anyway, why are you here?" 

asked the bike the music box hastily. 

"My owner’s going to move house. I’m waiting here till he finishes an arrangement." 

The small shrank bag was lighted up by the pink full moon. 

"Why are you here, then?" 

asked the music box, too. 

"I’m looking for a certain person."

The bike looked up the moon. 

"I’ve been looking for the boy for two years….. since I lost sight of him…." 

"Two years….is so long time……but why didn’t you find him easily? 

You’re bike. You could go anywhere to seek him, couldn’t you?" 

"Yes. I went around to find him out before. Many people rode me, and I looked for him with them. 

But I couldn’t find him……and I can’t run any more.

 I lost my tires and bell….But I’m waiting for him. I’m sure he finds me." 

There was a short silence between them.

A bug hit against a street lamp.

 "It’s getting near to Christmas."

 said the music box suddenly. 

"Wish upon a star. Santa Claus will certainly grant your wish." 

The bike looked up the sky. 

At that moment an orange star fell like a sparkling firework. 

"Well, I’ll try my best again, too!" 

said the music box loudly.

 "I’ll sing a song again on this Christmas. Everyone will be moved by my voice

….Oh, you can visit me on Christmas…with him! 

I’ll play special Christmas carol for you!"

The bike was really happy. 

He had a hunch he might find the boy next time.

"I’m a little bit sleepy….."

 "Me, too…." 

The eastern sky changed into pale purple, and the pink full-moon became smaller without notice. 

After a while, they heard a big car stop. 

They looked dazed from sleepy. 

Suddenly, the bike felt his body was lifted up. 

He saw the sparkling sunshine and the music box was also lifted up then. 

After that he felt a dull pain and fainted. 

He woke to find himself in a grassland. 

He was running under the blue sky with the boy. 

The wind was blowing softly.  


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