"The giant left the mountain"

The iridescent wind unusually blew Mt. Crown, whose top reached clouds, in the early morning. 

The day before was rainy, but it already stopped. 

Trees, flowers and stones glistened with green or red dew as if they were born at that very moment. 

On such day the giant skipped breakfast and lunch. 

He turned round looking at the sky and dabbling his hands, laughed placing his ear against the ground, or opened his eyes, nostrils and mouth wide against the wind saying "Boo!" 

He repeated such things all day long. When his stomach rumbled, he stopped and threw the skin of white birch into his mouth. 

Chewing it, he walked toward the top of Mt. Crown with altocumulus. 

The brick-red sun went down and the inky night came without notice. 

But the pallid moon was nowhere to be seen. 

But even so the hinoki neatly gave the salute the east sky as always. 

The top of Mt. Crown sagged as if the huge meteor suddenly fell there in the past. 

There was a small beautiful pond in the lowest point. 

The giant silently looked at the stars beside the pond. 

A silver animal like pill sat next to him clattering and eating a red fruit. 

The giant liked to see the sky there. 

The sky looked from the pond was like a transparent black ball of glass. 

When the stars appeared in the sky, the pond became the sea of silver stars right away.

He hoped the wind did not blow because he did not want the sea of stars to change into tears of stars. 

Then, the comet like Chinese lantern fell down in the sky. 

The comet came up to him leaving long tail in a moment. 

Surprised, he stood up. 

At the moment, the comet popped just above him. 

At the same time the sky was dyed in gold green, and a thousand small star dusts poured into the pond silently like dream. 

It was just real galaxy. 

He looked at the scene blinking for a minute. 

He gently touched the surface of the pond. Lots of gold ripples ruffled from his hands. 

The giant gladly shook with laughter. 

Then he went into the pond, and swam in the silver sea raising the voice he had never raised. 

He didn’t know how long he swam. 

He suddenly rose to the surface. 

He swam to shore face up in the cool purple air. 

When he reached the shore, he realized that he could never go home. 

His feet changed into a blue tail fin. In the gold air, he looked at trees around the pond swinging his blue fin, which shined iridescence. 

He heard the voice, "joo, joo." 

As he turned round, the silver pill stared at him. 

He felt lonely short. 

He turned his back on the pill and began to swim silently. 

Then he felt something twinkle lightly. 

He stopped and looked back. 

The silver pill firmly stood there. 

His tail changed into a pink fin. 

His face was unconsciously creased. 

The silver pill said “Joo!” and jumped into his chest. 

The giant embraced it tenderly. 

Then he looked back on trees and disappeared into the gold galaxy. 

The stars went away before long, and the light crimson sky was reflected in the pond. 

Trees in Mt. Crown were waiting for the morning sun giving out white breath.


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