"The world of light"

Toward the end of February, a chipmunk child woke out of long sleep. 

The outdoors was still very dark, breathless and silent. 

"I’m hungry…" 

In the bed of leaves the chipmunk child recalled being with his mother the year before. 

When the chipmunk child woke up, Mother always told him a happy story of the world of light which lies in the sky. 

Suddenly the chipmunk child felt lonely, and he looked outside pushing aside the leaves. 

He saw the round sky and lots of stars from the hole of the top of tall tree. 


A tiny teardrop fell from his black eyes. 

At the moment, a big orange shooting star fell silently.

Being surprised, he looked outside. 

The big orange shooting star fell east leaving the long tail. 

 He had never seen such a big shooting star. 

Although he still had to sleep, he shot out of the tree irradiating his tiny black eyes. 

The cold air like glass covered outside. 

The white frozen ground made his feet red. 

He ran east where the shooting star fell off being excited about sound and smell he had never felt. 

He did not know how long he ran. 

After a while he found the shooting star on the white hilly field. 

It was not a single big orange shooting star. 

There were innumerable flakes of the stars on the field covered with snow. 

They spread from place to place shining pink, light blue, orange like sugarplums. 

The chipmunk child cautiously picked up the pink one.

Warm pink light gently lightened his face and stomach. 

He turned his nose up and squint his eyes gladly. 

He held the pink star flake with care and began to pick up other light blue and orange one. 

As he picked up more flakes than he could hold in his arms, he conceived a bright idea.

 "I want to share these with my friends." 

He put them into his cheek pouch one by one. 


He put the rest star flakes back to the snow. 

He made a bow and turned back.

His cheek pouch shined iridescent because of pink, light blue and orange star flakes, and it lightened the road like a dream. 

He turned right a block before the house and stopped in front of the beech tree. 

"Mr. Beech." 

He took an orange star out of his cheek pouch. 

He dug the root of the beech tree which was overwhelmed by white snow and buried it there. 

"The light blue star is for Mr. Horse chestnut, and the yellow one is for Mr. Oak…" 

He buried the other stars in the root of other trees as well. 

"I’ve done." 

His cheek pouch still shone pink.

 "This is for mom…" 

Pressing his hand to his pink cheek, he went home happily. 

His shape seemed to smaller than before.

 Coming home, he got into the leaves.

He took the pink star out of his cheek pouch and put it beside the pillow. 

The star shone warmly beside him. 

"Good night…"

He slowly got to winter sleep again smiling happily. 

 In the middle of March the unordinary morning came. 

The snows which covered everywhere began to melt with steam. 

The sunlight from the sky turned from winter white into warm spring gold. 

Trees, insects, and animals woke out of long sleep little by little. 

Orange, light blue and yellow flowers began to come out one after another from the ground where the chipmunk child buried the stars. 

Beech tree, horse chestnut and oak blinked being surprised at the beautiful flowers they had never seen. 

Although the whole forest got up, the chipmunk child was nowhere to be seen. 

A small pink flower bloomed in the house. 

The hole of tree continued straight to the sky in the warm gold spring light.

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